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Hygiene Kits
  • Pray: Prayer is never the last resort. Prayer should be first in our tool belt. Please pray for the President, our leaders, and our state as this issue continues after the lights fade. Please pray for those serving in these areas daily: police, guards, clergy, counselors, teachers, churches, River Ministry Missionaries Ruth Ortiz and Vanessa Lerma, and the individuals and families involved. Thank the Lord that His word is being shared even in the midst of everything that is going on. 
  • Give: Funds are needed to buy food and supplies in both Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley. Monetary donations can provide beans, rice, oil, baby wipes, diapers, underclothes for men and women, and much more for needs on the border, without the need to ship items. Click here to donate online by card or to mail a check. All gifts are tax deductible. 
  • Make Hygiene Kits: Click here for instructions on what is needed in a hygiene kit. Email us to see where to deliver the kits or where to have them mailed. Here is a sample note, in Spanish, that your group could copy and include in each kit you put together - click here
  • Donate Bibles: Spanish New Testaments are needed to give to new believers and for Christians who had to leave everything behind. Click here and choose "Bible Distribution" to give toward Bibles. We can send 4 bibles to the border for just $5.
  • Hold a Food or Clothing Drive: Have a food or clothing drive for the needs at either location. Contact Vanessa or Ruth to see what is needed at that time. Collect the items and get them to their location. We can set up a vision trip for members of your church and they can take the items to the location they will be used. See contact information below for Vanessa and Ruth.
  • Serve: Put a volunteer team together to serve. Your team can volunteer at the Respite Center in the Valley with Vanessa or the center or bus station in Nuevo Laredo with Ruth to care for those with physical and spiritual needs. Dental/Medical teams are needed as well. 
  • Contact Vanessa Lerma, River Ministry Missionary in the Rio Grande Valley/Mexico City, to serve in Texas at rgv.riverministry@gmail.comClick here for a printable flyer about serving in the Rio Grande Valley. 
  • Contact Ruth Ortiz, River Ministry Missionary in Laredo, to serve in Mexico at ruthortiz150@gmail.comClick here to learn more about serving in Laredo/Nuevo Laredo.
  • Contact your elected officials: Gus Reyes, director of the Christian Life Commission, encouraged Texas Baptists to reach out to their federal elected officials to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. Click here to view the CLC's legislative priorities on immigration or here to read about Immigration topics. Click here for the contact information of your US Senators and representatives. He also encouraged Texas Baptists to check out the resources of the Evangelical Immigration Table for ways to think biblically about immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. 
  • Have more questions? Contact Daniel Rangel, Director of River Ministry and Mexico Missions by clicking here.

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